Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dreamweaver Stencils and Art Institute Glitter Blog Collaberation!!



In addition to posting my video and step by step instructions in this blog post.  I took a few extra pictures this week while creating my card.
I gathered all of my supplies
  • Hawaiian Coconut Soap
  • Glitter
  • Double Sided Mounting Paper
  • Glitter Scoop 
  • Christmas Tree Stencil LG 746

Stencil before adding Soap
Stencil after adding

Using my Glitter Scoop, I added just bits of certain colors of glitter where I wanted.  I love the Doodlebug Glitter Scoop, because of the great precision  you get.

More precision applying of glitter.  Love the Doodlebug Glitter Scoop.

Finished front card panel.

Season's Greetings in July!!  With untraditional colors.  Ha!!

Last week I created a video using the Double Glitter Technique.  I am a visual learner, so I hope the video will make it easier for you to understand this easy technique.

Double Glitter Step by Step Instructions

1) Apply soap to the back of your stencil. The stencil is going to be placed on Double Sided Mounting Paper and the soap will prevent the stencil from sticking to the paper. Apply a generous amount of soap.  I like to add just a bit more when I think I have applied enough.
2) Place stencil, soap side onto the Double Sided Mounting Paper.  Save the protective backing from the paper, to press onto the top of your stencil to ensure that is properly adhered.
3) Apply glitter in desired areas, with desired colors.  Again, use the backing from the Double Sided Mounting Paper to press onto the top of the glitter and stencil to adhere as much glitter as you can.  Use a Glitter Magnet or Swiffer Duster to pick up excess bits of glitter from your project.  This is an important step.  The tiny bits of glitter will sit on top of the project or pile into the small crevices of the stencil, when the stencil is removed, the bits of glitter will fly to undesired area’s on the exposed Double Sided Mounting Paper.
4) Remove stencil from Double Sided Mounting Paper and sprinkle a white or transparent glitter on the rest of the exposed, adhesive area of the paper.
If you’re interested in a PDF version of the Double Glitter Technique, please leave me you’re email address and I would be happy to email the step by step directions to you.

Visit the Art Glitter blog and the Dream It Up! blog for fabulous inspiration from both talented design teams. We are encouraging all of you to play along with the challenge of creating with Dreamweaver Stencils and Art Glitter*, preferably using the Double-Glitter Technique with a wedding theme. Just link your creation to the Mr. Linky on the Dream It Up! blog, or email pics to, for an opportunity to win one of four fabulous glitter and stencil prize packages. One winner will be chosen each week. (US and Canada only, please).
For more inspiration from the Art Glitter design team, please visit their blog for a complete list of players throughout the month.
For more inspiration from the Dream Team, here's the blog list for this week:
*For the month of June Art Glitter is selling 1 oz jars of glitter for $5.98 (regular price $7.32)! Get the deets HERE!

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sommrstamping said...

Love your cards Wendy, and your tutorial was really great.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

This is a great step by step tutorial and then the video of the technique done simply is wonderful as well. Gorgeous cards too!

Liz Martin said...

Love non-traditional Christmas cards, and this one is beautiful. Great job, Wendy.

Pam Hornschu said...

Girl, you just rock the tutorials! Beautiful card, love the step card style on this.

JD said...

Beautiful Christmas card...that stencil is now on my wish list!

Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

GReat card and tutorial. Love the pink and green! REally pretty as always!

Laura Drahozal said...

Beautiful card, Wendy! I really like the colors on this.

Terrece said...

WOW your cards are gorgeous!! Love how you combine the colors. I hadn't thought of using the burnish tool to apply glitter. And your video makes it look so easy and NEAT!! I'm really going to have to practice that part!!!
Thanks for the all the great tips.

Louise said...

Wonderful card Wendy, you did an amazing job with the colors. The tutorial was awesome too!