Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dreamweaver Stencils Mysterious and Magical October Challenge!!

Those of you that follow my blog regularly have probably seen Halloween posts from previous years and have seen how "non" scary my Halloween creations are, far from mysterious and for sure not MAGICAL. HAHA.  Those words actually make me chuckle to myself.    What I can bring to this challenge is FUN, COLORFUL and CUTE!!!  

Over the years I have collected hundreds of stencils and when I went through them all one by one, looking for something a bit off the cuff for me, I came across  the ONLY Halloween sentiment I have.  How can you use Happy HOWLoween with out a dog in it??  You just can't.

As you can see from the photo below, Dog Words (LG749) is more than a Halloween sentiment stencil, it is everything dog and darling too!!!    Dog (LL3029) is darling as well (and did you know that there is a matching steel rule die) .  I Zentangled the Dog Stencil on gray card stock tracing my black Copic Microliner with white gel pen.  It is a very simple Zentangle but those are my favorite kind.  

The background was spritzed with Vivid Green Memory Mist and set aside to dry.  If you haven't tried Memory Mists from Dreamweaver Stencils yet, I encourage you to try some.  My favorites are the VIVID colors and the Metallic/Iridescent colors.  They have such nice coverage and easy to use.  Check them out!!!

The sentiment for my card was dry embossed and then heat embossed the fabulously VIVID Orange embossing powder from Stampendous.   I love dry embossing with my Big Shot.  If you all don't remember how, here is the "sandwich": Multi Tab Platform (that came with your Big Shot, open to TAB 1.  Place your Stencil face down on the platform, your card stock over that (don't forget the little spritz of rubbing alcohol), Stamping Dimensions rubber mat, then both acrylic plates over that.  I use both plates on the top with keeping in mind that I want the roller in my Big Shot to be as far away from my stencil as possible.  Now, turn your handle and pass the "sandwich" through the machine.

One your card stock is embossed, keep you your stencil over the embossed area and stamp an embossing ink on the embossed area of your card stock.  Remove your stencil and sprinkle embossing powder over the inked area.  Apply heat.  

Thanks for taking a peek today.  There is still alot more Dreamweaver inspiration to go around today.  Please check out my Dream Team Sisters in Craft!!!  Pure eye candy coming up for you all!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Paper Craft Planet Thursday Tutorial for Dreamweaver Stencils

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Welcome to Dreamweaver Stencils Thursday Tutorial and Giveaway.  It's my turn to share my love for Dreamweaver Stencils and Dies, and to offer a FUN way too receive the stencil of your choice!!  All you will need to do get the stencil of  your dreams is to comment on this blog post and PROMISE you will play along with Dreamweaver Stencil monthly challenges.
Those that know me will concur that I am a procrastinator.  I put things off to the last minute.  I forgot important things, even when their written down on my calendar.  For the reasons listed is why all of my blog posts include words like simple, easy, "Quicky".
In true Wendy Jordan fashion here is a tutorial on how to use Dreamweaver Stencils and Dies to create pretty cards simply, easily and quickly.

Dreamweaver Stencils monthly challenge kicks of today with a Mysterious and Magical theme.  The supplies I used are

Start by cutting the Leafless Tree Die with your die cutting machine.  Dreamweaver Stencils new dies are made of thin steel and are compatible with all die cutting machines on the market.
The tree die cut cardstock will act as a mask.  Place the tree mask in the desired area of a dark color of card stock, in my case I am using black.  With your mask in place directly apply embossing ink onto the dark card stock with complete coverage, over the mask.   Remove the mask.  You should be able to see where the tree was.  Using Metallic FX, a Mica Powder, apply over the embossing ink with a stencil brush.  The technique used to apply the Metallix FX is up to you.  You can stipple the powder with direct "plotting" or you can brush it on.  It is important to cover the entire panel of your black card stock.  You can see that were the mask was, Metallic FX isn't sticking.

The original die cut/mask was used to create the second card stock panel.
Place your mask on another piece of dark card stock and spritz with Dreamweaver Stencils Memory Mists (spray into a box or protect the area in which you're spraying).
In the comparison photo you can see how the two products each create a beautiful shimmery background.

A closer look at the Copper Memory Mist on the Dreamweaver Stencil Leafless Tree Die Cut.

My craft room has amazing natural light, unfortunately, I can't always get the best photos.  I was hoping you can see the beautiful shimmer the two products give.

Finished...Simple, Easy and Quick!
Please take the time to join the Dreamweaver Stencil Dream Team by playing along with the Mysterious and Magical October Challenge.  All of the details can be found at the Dream It Up Blog.  You will find links to all of the Dream Team Members blogs with Challenge Inspiration!!  Also join us on Facebook, Dreamweaver Stencils.  Feel free to check out my own blog, Paper Therapy.

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