Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dreamweaver Dream Team Thursday *Free Theme*


Good morning!!! 

Welcome to Dreamweaver Stencils *Free Theme* week.  This is your chance to create something with your stencils.  Any creation that has been on your mind.  No rules….it’s all your imagination!!

A few months ago I was asked to be a Guest Designer on Christian Paper Crafts.  I made this wall hanging in a Fall theme.


It was so easy to achieve.  I use the Summer CHA released, Prince of Peace (LX7004) stencil, Gold Aluminum and a die cutting machine.

The layering method I used was for The Vagabond.  On the platform, I layered the Dreamweaver Stencil (upside down), gold aluminum, Stamping Details rubber mat, and both of the clear acrylic mats.  I ran the “sandwich” through the machine. 

Once the embossing was complete, I ran a sander over the Gold Aluminum to sand off the color of the letters. 

I adhered the aluminum to card stock and adorned the edges with Gold Border stickers and die cut leaves.


The next three cards is a class that I have been teaching at a few stores in my area.  I love these cards because they showcase three easy techniques to be used with Dreamweaver Stencils.

The Double Glitter Technique…


To start this technique, have a bright color of glitter and a white or crystal color of glitter, Merry Christmas (LL386) stencil , all natural  soap and Double Sided Adhesive Paper.

After removing the stencil from it’s packaging, turn it over and start applying the all natural soap on the back.  This is going to allow the stencil to adhere and release from the Double Sided Adhesive Paper.  When I am teaching classes, I always tell the students “just when you think you have enough, soap some more”.

Once you’ve achieved adequate coverage on the back of your stencil, I turn the stencil over and look through the open areas of the stencil.  This is where I take my paper piercer and remove all the extra soap that has gotten caught in the small areas of the stencil, keeping in mind that everywhere there is soap, glitter won’t stick.

OK….the back of my stencil is good and soapy.  I have precut my Double Sided Mounting Adhesive to the desired size, remove one side of the adhesive and place your stencil on it and start applying your darkest color of glitter.  In my case, I used Fire Red Glitter Ritz by Elizabeth Crafts.  Once I achieved desired coverage, I “cleaned” up my stencil with a “glitter magnet”, a piece of tacky cloth that picks up glitter, embossing powder and thing small and powdery and won’t let it go.  I love it.    It is important to remove all excess glitter from stencil, so when you remove your stencil, the extra glitter won’t contaminate your negative space area.

Now…carefully remove the stencil from the adhesive sheet and apply your white or crystal glitter over the rest of the adhesive area.

Dry Embossing with a Die Cutting Machine


Supplies needed for this technique is a Die Cutting Machine, Stamping Details Rubber Mat, mist bottle with rubbing alcohol and removable tape (optional).

This technique is the same as the above technique for embossing aluminum.

Using a Vagabond Die Cutting Machine, on the platform, I layered the metal stencil, card stock, Stamping Details rubber mat and two acrylic mats on the top.

You are probably asking why the mister of rubbing alcohol? It is suggested that you spritz the back of your card stock with rubbing alcohol to loosen the fibers of the paper to help the embossing process.

Once “Merry Christmas” was dry embossed, I left the metal stencil in place and applied  blue pigment ink with a stencil brush over the top of the embossed area.


Paste Embossing



This is a fun and simple technique.  Supplies that you will need for this are embossing paste, metal stencil, palette knife and removable tape.

I pre-cut the patterned paper for this particular card to the same size as the metal stencil.  I adhere the stencil on top of the patterned paper to my work top with removable tape.   Place a large piece of removable tape at the top of your stencil, this will act as your “hinge” when removing in your paste embossed paper.  Tape the other three sides.  

Using the back of your palette knive, apply a generous amount of paste on the “hinge”.  With your palette knife, smooth the paste across your stencil, filling in the open areas of the metal stencil.

You can smooth off the excess paste and replace it in the jar of paste.  Remove the tape from the bottom and sides of your stencil.  Using your fingernail to hold down your pasted piece, carefully lift up your metal stencil, with the top piece of tape still adhered. 

Set your pasted sentiment or image aside to dry.

Phew….that was a lot of step-by-step!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me if you have any questions (

Please take the time to check out what the rest of the team is up too.  You will find a link to all of their fabulous blogs on the right of this post.

I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Have a good day!!!!


Liz Martin said...

Oh, so many pretties, I can't pick just one. They're all beautiful, Wendy.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

They are all so wonderful and simple to achieve as well. Anyone of these techniques would be easy to do for Christmas Cards.

sommrstamping said...

Wendy great minds think alike I love what you with the wall hanging it is so pretty. I also love the class showing three techniques with the same stencil. I have done the same thing, it really gets them hooked.

Pam Hornschu said...

Great post today, Wendy, with lots of great info. I love the cards for your class. I wish I could go take them! Very cool wall hanging that you did for CPC! I think I'll link your post to the FB page to advertise your classes!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! and inspiring!

Louise said...

Great cards Wendy! I'll bet your classes were a big hit!

Kristi said...

OK, another over achiever!! You and Laura rock. These are all beautiful and great idea for classes. Love the fall mixed with the prince of peace!

Karen B. said...

Wow! Wendy, these are fantastic projects-every single one of them! So many tips and tricks I know I'll come back to this post again and again.

Barb's Boys Inspired said...

You do such a wonderful job with your stencils...I still need to pull mine out and play with them...maybe this weekend, I've got a couple of nice fall themed stencils I've wanted to try, thanks for the inspiration!