Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paper Craft Planet 3D Challenge with Globe Craft Memories Piccolo Ornaments

Good morning, today it's me, Wendy Jordan showing you a fun new product line from an up and coming company in the Paper Crafting Industry, Globe Craft Memories. Globe Craft Memories introduced a fun new line at Summer 2012 CHA in Chicago, Piccolo Ornaments, which are laser cut book chipboard. Today I used a seasonal design, with some amazing products that I had in my stash.

 In each kit, you receive a laser cut design, two frames and two clear bubbles.


I wanted to create an enchanted globe scene with my silhouette of Santa, so I applied Modge Podge to one side of a clear bubble  and sprinkled a light coat of Stampendous Multi-Crystal Ultra Fine Glitter.  This glitter is transparent, in addition to the dry Modge Podge, so you can still see through the bubble when it is dry.


  Globe Craft Memories has a beautiful line of Embossing Enamels, so I chose a very glittery silver called Piccolo Embossing Enamel in Siam Silver.  This is a mix of fine embossing powder and a hint of glitter. Even though the Embossing Enamel selection from Globe Craft Memories is extensive, I didn't have a Royal Blue, so I chose Stampendous PearLustre Lapis Embossing Powder for my project and Stampendous Boss Gloss as my embossing ink.  The sponge dauber on this bottle is really handy for this particular project.


 I started by protecting my work surface with a piece of printer paper.  With my first frame flat on the table surface, I applied Boss Gloss generously to the one side.


I sprinkled Piccolo Siam Silver Embossing Enamel over the frame,


 and applied heat.  In this photo, you can see how the enamel is melting.  This is the first coat on this side.


I was going for a smooth surface so I applied two coats of  enamel to each side of the frame.  Once I heat embossed the first layer, I applied another coat of Boss Gloss, sprinkled an additional coat of enamel over the first and heated again. *It is important to remember, that when applying two coats of embossing enamel, you must wait for the first coat to completely cool, this will eliminate damage to the first layer. I repeated the above steps on the other side of the frame.


 I applied Stampendous PearLustre Lapis embossing powder to the cute Santa silhouette in the same manner.  A layer of Boss Gloss, a layer of embossing powder, heat and repeat the steps.  I love the "pearly" finish that the Stampendous PearLuster powders provide.


 All three pieces have been embossed and my ornament is ready to be adhered together.


 I applied a layer of Zip Dry to the edge of the bubble and simply laid the frame over the top.


Once the frame and bubble were adhered together, another layer of Zip Dry on the now frame with bubble and  layered it on top of the Santa silhouette. In the next image, you will see that I didn't want to hold the two pieces together with my hands until it dried, so I clipped it together with those cool clippy things that I have lying all over my craft studio.  Finally....a use for them.  Ha!


 Now the time has come to decided if I want to add something to be seen in the middle of the ornament.  This part is so cool, even though I added Stampendous Shaved Ice to my project, you could add ANYTHING you want to be seen inside of the ornament. Globe Craft Memories also offers a plain ornament, without a laser cut image.  How cute would a picture of your child or grandchild be inside of this ornament!!!!  Here is a link to the Traditional Oval Ornament.

 I sprinkled a few pinches of Stampendous Shaved Ice inside the frame to simulate snow at Santa's feet.

 With another layer of Zip Dry around the second frame and bubble, this is what the ornament looks like from the top, looking down.


 Ta-Da!!  The finished project.  I apologize for the picture.  I really struggle taking photo's of clear objects.  You can see the Stampendous Shaved Ice (snow) at his feet and in person, the glittery background makes this a beautiful shimmery ornament that will be beautiful on my Christmas tree in a few months. Globe Craft Memories has some really fun projects using different ornaments on their Piccolo Ornaments page.  Please take a look and be inspired by what they have to offer!!

 My challenge to you this week, is to make a Christmas Ornament, something 3D, seasonal and beautiful. Happy Paper Crafting!!!                

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This is such a neat project, Wendy!

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I love this, Wendy!