Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stampendous and Beacon Adhesives Blog Hop!!!

 Those of you that know the fabulous, gooey, sticky goodness in Beacon Adhesives can understand my love for their them!!  Oh my goodness, they have an adhesive for EVERYTHING and you all know that Beacon Adhesives are the "Official Liquid Glue of Craft Wars starring Tori Spelling", with good reason!!

All this week, Stampendous has been posting fabulous projects from the Stampendous Team!!  You can see all this week's projects on the Stampendous Impressions Blog!

Soon Christmas cards will be showing up in the mail box and I wanted to create a place to display them, so I decided to create a Christmas Card Display....

I started my project with a cool wooden ring from Indus/DIY Bangles.   I applied a tan and white mixture of acrylic paint.

I stamped a 12 x 12 piece of tissue from Canvas Corp with a Stampendous MUST HAVE, the Poinsettia Background stamp.  

Once my frame was dry, I applied Fast Finish Decoupage Medium to the frame.  One of my favorite things about Fast Finish by Beacon is that it is as thin as water and clear.  

 Once I had applied a thin coat of Fast Finish over the circle, I layed the stamped tissue paper over the top and let it dry. Once that was dry, I applied another thin layer of Fast Finish over the top of the tissue as well.

In the mean time, I was also given a few cute little wood beads from Indus/DIY Bangles.  I also wanted to keep the theme of the Stampendous November Challenge, Essential Elements, I grabbed some Beacon 527 Multi Purpose Glue and Champagne Glass Glitter.

I coated two beads with Beacon 527 and then rolled them around in Glass Glitter.
Set aside dry.

 I still had some time while things were drying so I cut a circle of this small square fencing that I had laying around my craft room and applied it to the back of the wooden circle.
The stamps I used for my project  are the Jumbo Cling Poinsettia Stamp, which can be found at 
7 Kids College Fund, as well as the Jumbo Cling Cardinals.  I colored them with Alcohol Ink Markers and in the photo you can see the comparison in the two Poinsettia's, the flower on the right has Fast Finish on the pedals and the flower in the left nothing.

 Here is a closer look at the stamped tissue around the ring.

The Champagne Glass Glitter Encrusted Bead, which I hung some decorative bells from.

More Champagne Glass Glitter in the center of the Poinsetta's.

The entire project.

The whole team is playing along today, so be sure to visit all of the blogs and leave some insightful, kind comments (the kind that let us know you looked at the project) and we'll give some great prizes, sending some of you with U.S. mailing addresses some Fast Finish Decoupage Medium and some Stampendous Stamps. Here we go...
Wendy Jordan - You're here.

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Tenia Nelson said...

This is pure AWESOMESAUCE!!! Job well done Miss Lady!!

Nedlnut said...

I have to try this!

Sherry Butcher said...

Thanks for the step by step to your project. It's just great.

Vivi Morais said...


Suzanne C said...

Lovely wreath! Beautiful design.

Lea said...

This would make a great Christmas gift (wink, wink)! I love your display wreath! May have to CASE it!

April Derrick said...

OMG- your project is wonderful! I can tell you took a lot of time to create it and I really appreciate being able to see the breakdown of what you did! I love your wreath and can't wait to make my own!

sharon g said...

The birds look so cute. This will look great on your door.

Barb Turpin said...

Wow, Wendy, I don't know how I missed this one...I love it!

MsRedCavi said...

*giggle* Girl, what are your birds gettin into there..?

my comment ----> "I Looves your flowers! That Flash Finish product looks beautiful. Slight change in petal shape could easily make stargazer Lilies - would be GORGE!!!"

rose s. said...

this is so brilliant!! luv it :)