Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome to December!!!

Good afternoon!!
Now that December is here, it is a race to the finish to see if we can get all the wonderful things we want to do, done.

I finished up my Christmas Cards yesterday, and the only thing that is holding me back from sending
them off, is my oldest daughters school photo's. I have had the other kids photo's for at least a month now. Weird.

Here are a few posts of the projects I finished yesterday. The first card is a Welcome Home surprise for a friend of mine. I hope it gets to her house before she does. The second card is for an ill employee of mine. He had major surgery, and
need lots of prayers.

From here is where the Christmas fun begins. Three cards to finish all my card giving away. I took is so easy this year. I didn't do one swap, and I didn't sell any either. For whatever reason, that I really can't recall, I couldn't find any time.

One project I am trying to follow along with are the Tim Holtz, 12 Days of Christmas tags. His are so GREAT! Please check out him projects on his blog.

Day One
Day Two
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to take a look at my blog! If it was worth your time, please leave me a comment. I love to read them!!

Have a great day!!!


Crystal said...

Wendy these are wonderful projects!!! Thanks for sharing!

Tracey said...

your stuff is amazing...seriously! i wish i could do cards like you! i still need to post my tags....i have days 1-3 done! yours are awesome! i love you you did your own thing! i strayed a little, but not too much! i'm just not that creative! LOL!!! talk to you soon!