Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where have I been....

Geez...thats a good question! I don't even know or remember!! *hehe*
I just got done with my work week and I am now in Great Falls, Montana for a visit with family and friends! I attended a music festival at the local high school here. They had a guest conductor from the University of Wyoming that was amazing! My son was a member of the choir, therefore, I really enjoyed it.

It is a crazy Winter Wonderland here. The temperature is -4 and snowing like crazy! If I can get a good picture of something other than a car accident, I will post.

I have missed my crafty posts this past week, but I'm not really sure where the week or the weekend went. Some if it is even hard for me to remember, and I wasn't drinking margarita's either! Those of you that are on my friends list at Facebook, probably saw the post that said I'd rather be drinking margarita's. That was just an expression!! *giggle*

I will be leaving Great Falls early in the morning I should be home in my cozy craft room by noon and I am going to attack 365 cards challenges!!

OMG...I just remembered that I am having a card class tomorrow night. Scratch 365 cards, I better prepare for that!!

By the way... I my 3 projects with the same stamp challenge, won over at If The Shoe Fits Scrap It blog. Yah....Please check out their challenges for this week!!!!

See you tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

wow Wendy, congrats to you on winning, they look wonderful! hope you won some great goodies! and glad to see you are back, missed seeing your work

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win!! :0)

Drive home safely!


Victoria said...

wow Wendy congrats on your win you did deserve it your projects were beautiful! Have fun and have a safe trip home..

Karen Lee said...

Congrats!!! Whoa...that's just too cold for me!!!